I photographed my first solo wedding at the age of 18. Crazy, right?! I can confidently say the rush I felt during that first wedding was enough for me to be hooked. It was in that first year of backyard weddings, friends weddings and well, any wedding I could book that I knew.. This is exactly what I wanted to do. 

Flash forward a bit (13 years to be exact!) and here we are 300+ weddings later. And guess what, that ‘this is my dream’ feeling still exists! 

Oh hey, it’s me, Ebby L!

about ebby

"Magic is the only way to describe it. Ebby’s photos are simply magical."

- Toni & Nick

"Ebby was incredible to work with start to finish."

- Shannon & Brody

"Ebby is so much FUN, and is the calm and creativity under fire."

-Kara & Tom

"I was blown away by how many amazing, candid moments were captured."

- Carly & Tommy

The most difficult emails I send are the ones where I’m responding to dream Ebby L couples that I am unavailable for their day. So I went out and found the perfect person to add to my team, Tay! If you vibe with me, you’ll vibe with her. She’s crazy talented, fun to work with and brings that same ‘calm’ presence that so many of my brides mention after working with me. 

Meet my Associate, Taylor!

The ebby l. team

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